Bill Ware
Jazz vibraphonist, recording artist, composer, orchestrator, arranger, engineer....

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In the studio recording "Played Right"
In August 2009, Ware assembled Lenny White (drums), Onaje Allan Gumbs (piano), Brad Jones (bass), Bill Washer (guitar), Matt King (piano), and Chris Theberge (percussion), to record “Played Right,” (Cheetah, 2010). All About Jazz described Ware’s approach on “Played Right” as having “...the touch of a resilient, serpentine stylist, a master of quiet spectacle.” 


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Vibraphonist Bill Ware is a consummate jazz performer, recording artist, composer, arranger, band-leader, teacher and philosopher, who has performed, recorded and toured internationally with hundreds of notable artists. 

Eric Nemeyer's Jazz Inside Magazine interviews Bill Ware for the June, 2014 issue.  Read part one of this great, in depth interview HERE.

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Bill Ware performing a vocal duet with the amazing Annette Sanders
at the Turning Point Cafe, Piermont, NY December, 2012

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