Symphonic Works

Symphonic/Classical Work

Over the years, the Jazz Passengers have also been commissioned to create several orchestral arrangements of their work, with Ware’s arranging and orchestration skills making it possible. In 2000 the Jazz Passengers w/ Deborah Harry worked with The Buffalo Philharmonic, with Ware creating nine original arrangement/orchestrations and performing a concert conducted by Randall Craig Fleisher. In 2002 the group performed of “Imitation of A Kiss” featuring ten orchestral pieces w/Jazz Passengers, Deborah Harry and The BBC Concert Orchestra (Conducted by Robert Ziegler) at the Barbican Center in London, England.

In 2001 Ware began composing his own orchestral works, with the completion of two Symphonies; Symphony No. 1 (The Batman Symphony) in three movements; Symphony No. 2, in one movement; Symphony No. 3 (Symphonie der Familien) in four movements; a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; and a Double Concerto for Vibraphone and Piano and Orchestra. In 2004 Ware was invited by a competition to a reading session by the Minnesota Orchestras’ Composer Institute, with a reading of the second movement “Das Juengste Kind” of his third Symphony “Symphonie der Familien.” Ware also recorded, co-produced, engineered, and performed on the CD “A Bach Set” with Cellist Sara Wollan. This CD also included Bills’ arrangement for 13 pieces of the “Das Juengste Kind”, and the second movement of “Symphonie der Familien.”