Ware co-wrote three movie scores with his Jazz Passenger’s partner Roy Nathanson: the documentary “Chant of Paradise” directed by Shoshana Perry; the comedy “ Martin and Orloff” directed by Larry Bloom , and the drama/coming of age story “Raising Victor Vargas” directed by Peter Sollett. Ware also co-composed and performed the film score from the film “Creature from the Black Lagoon” with The Jazz Passengers at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY for Celebrate Brooklyn and Mass Moca, in North Hampton, Massachusetts. Ware also co-wrote the movie score with Nathanson “Undefeated” for HBO movies, the directorial debut of actor John Leguizamo. Ware arranged and recorded two songs for Producer, Hal Wilner for the Harold Arlen tribute movie featuring Deborah Harry and Canada’s Rene Lee. Ware also participated in the film score of “Excess Baggage” actress Alicia Silverstone’s first production effort.

(Martin and Orloff, Raising Victor Vargas, Undefeated, Hal Wilner’s Harold Arlen Tribute, Excess Baggage, and the Jazz Passenger’s live performance to the cult classic film, The Creature From the Black Lagoon.)