They hate me, part 2

They Hate me…part 2

So it’s the most important gig in my life, and maybe my last gig (my attitude towards every gig But this night I’m playing with my favorite rock band in Madison Square Garden. Needless to say, I was excited. I may be misremembering, but it may have been at this sound check that Donald wanted to check a tempo on a tune. So we played at 92bmp (all the way through). Donald is like, that feels ok. Let’s try 93. Sooooo we continue at 93,then 94,then 95 (too fast). Okkkkk…what the hell, let’s try 90! Naaaah…Let’s go back to 92. Perfect.

I digress, where’s the hate you say? Ok, Ok. We finished sound check,(and me my customary 6 pack of Heineken and a fatty…) The music director Drew Zingg pulls me over to the side for a chatski…Oh noo, now what have I done…Well Bill, some of the band is having a problem with some things.

One, they say you’re making shit up (my interpretation and Two people are having a problem with your smoking. People still smoked inside…remember those days???

(Part of me was like pheeew, they still don’t know about the prison sentence…jk…no I’m not) But seriously, being a sensitive guy, (I’ve managed to mostly play in bands that treat each other like family) I was devastated. He said Donald and Walter would figure it out and not to worry. Drew and I hung a bit so we had a good rapport. But what a buzz kill.

Anywaysssss, happy ending Drew pulls me aside before the next sound check and tells me. “Don’t worry about the music side D and W like what you’re doing…” (I always got the impression they liked not having to tell me anything, less work!) Now on the smoking….(drum roll, please)….”They’ve decided every venue from now on will have a smoking room…” Bammm…
Hmmmm…I’m the only one who smokes (at least publicly…)

Awesome….man I love those guys…


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